Courses, Seminars and Spiritual Retreats

We are standing on a bridge leading towards the new. At this point, we can decide to integrate the incoming new energies more and more and to awaken our inner sun. Our inner sun has the power to clarify the past and to shine a new light on the future.


The pilgrimages to the holy places and power sites of South America (HUACAS) are akin to active meditations. They provide us with the opportunity to experience intensive renewal by coming into contact with the ancient knowledge and primal forces stored in these places.

Photo Gallery

26.10.2018 - Premiere of the film documentary "Prophecy of MUNAY", Ecuador


21.06.2017 - Opening of Munay Suyu (Land of Love) coast


21.06.2016 - Opening of Munay Suyu Amazonas


21.12.2015 - Opening of Munay Suyu Andes. (mountain)


21.09.2014.- Film Premiere "Pilgrim of the Sun" (Latin America)
and the CD "In Meditation with The Light of Nature"

21.06.2014.- Ceremony the Inti Raymi - Munay Suyu

14.05.2014.- Historic moment for the indigenous peoples of America: In Ecuador an Indian Mayor took office with the tradition of Sacred Baston

 20-24.01.2014.- 9 Pre-Circle wise Grandmothers and Grandfathers Planet, Tena, Ecuador

19.01.2014.- Race of the sacred staff, Quito-Napo, Ecuador

19-21.12.2013.- Pachakútec film presentation at the Qorikancha Temple and winter solstice ceremony at the Waka of the Moon, Cusco, Peru

15.11.2013 -
Meeting with Rainbow communities in Mexico 

August, September, October and November a journey for the healing of Mother Earth in Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico

25.07.2013 - Ceremony to rain (Coquimbo, Chile)

28.07.12 A beautiful Sun Crop Circle was discovered near Lake Ammersee, (Bavaria, Germany),
only a few kilometers away from where we live.

21.06.12 Solstice Ceremony (Lake Ammersee, Bavaria, Germany)
for the Time of THE NEW SUN

21.03.12 Spring equinox (Lake Ammersee Germany)

11.03.12 - Ceremony for the Time of Change, Saarbrücken Germany

20.02.2012 - PACHAKÚTEC – TIME OF CHANGE, start of the German cinema tour

3.10.11 - Pilgrimage for the change in us

25.09.11 The World Council of Elders celebrates Father Sun, Latacunga, Ecuador

17.09.11 Ceremony and peace walk for the protection of Mother Earth, Azuay, Ecuador

06.09.11  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Culture Ministry of Ecuador award Ñaupany an „Artistic and Cultural Award“ for his message in the film „PACHAKÚTEC” as well as for his commitment to the Earth

21.08.11 PACHAKÚTEC Sun ceremony at a meeting in Sierra Nevada, Columbia

25.05.11 Our film PACHAKÚTEC wins the „Cosmic Angel Award“ at the International Cosmic Cinema Festival in Frankfurt. We dedicate this award to the Incas, the ancestors, Father Sun, Mother Earth and to all those who supported this pilgrimage.

Tayta, the Heart of Heaven, has also responded

April 2011 Pilgrimage through Mexiso

April 2011 Pilgrimage through Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala

Talk on the “Time of Change”

March 2011 Pilgrimage through Columbia

February 2011 Pilgrimage in the Middle of the World, Ecuador

January 2011 Pilgrimage through Bolivia and Peru

December 2010 Pilgrimage through Chile

October 2010 Start of the second pilgrimage “Abya Yala” across the American continent, South Chile with the Mapuche Nguillatún

21.09.10 - Shamanic Meeting in Punta Delfin, Chile

08.08.10 Message to the Canadian people

02.08.10 Environmental conference, Germany

19.07.10 Ceremony for the Salvation of Mother Earth, Ecuador

01.07.10 Meeting in Chile with Elders and spiritual representatives of the Americas

27.06.10 Indigenous meeting in the Amazon region of Ecuador, for saving ancient traditions and the rainforest

From 2007 to 2010. - Pilgrimage Pachakutec around Mother Earth 

10.04.2007 -
Pachakútec Pilgrimage, Peru

13.12.206 - Child Project Pan y Sol

21:03:05 - ceremony for the unity, Peru