Ńaupany Puma

Ñaupany Puma is a descendant of the Inca people and a pilgrim following the traces of the old Sun tradition. Ñaupany was born in Ecuador where he began at an early age to set out for the path of the Sun Priest.

He spent several years on his own living secluded in nature. Intense experiences taught him the principles of nature and the communication with the forces of the elements. It was also during this time that his deep connection with the Sun developed.

 “As well as my ancestors, I consider the sun as a living being with an intelligent spirit. Father Sun has taught me much through visions about the great coherencies of life and the wisdom of the light. In the same way Mother Earth has shaped my life intensely.

A message that I received from her many years ago changed my life forever. It was a magical moment as I sensed how Mother Earth told me: Go out into the world and remind all people who have forgotten me that I am their mother".

After that Ñaupany left Ecuador and traveled to far away countries for many years to share his visions and the message of Mother Earth with other cultures. In the year 2000, he founded the INTIÑAN School for ancestral wisdom, with the intention to make the old spiritual teachings available to all people. Today, Ñaupany spreads this knowledge through the events of The PACHAKÚTEC Project.

In 2006 was honored with the symbol of the Peace Pipe, Chanupa by the INSTITUTE OF CULTURAL AWARENESS (ICA-USA).

Ñaupany´s greatest task began in the year 2007 when he set off on a pilgrimage around the world to gather insights for the time of change, the PACHAKÚTEC.

 “We have dedicated this pilgrimage and the film PACHAKÚTEC to Mother Earth and to our ancestors. I wish that the spirit of this film will reconcile and connect hearts. We all are the heart of Mother Earth”.

After his pilgrimage helped the creation of the documentary film Ñaupany Puma  Son of the Sun.

The 21. June 2012 started his big Vision: the Project Munay Suyu - Land of love, a holy legend to use and connect 3 different ancestral lands (coast, mountain and Amazonas) which converted into a school of ancestral knowledge to help to heal the heart of mother nature, the humanity.

At the end of 2018 there will be presented your new documentary film in Ecuador´s movie theatres: "The Prophecy of MUNAY" - a movie to inspire the spiritual connection of humans to Mother Nature. With this movie He will make a pilgrimage again in 2019 to America and the rest of the world.