They are inititives create by Naupany Puma with its main seat in Ecuador. The aim of this foundation is to support our transition into a New Age. In this way we also want to contribute to preserve the legacy of ancient cultures in Latin America (Abya Yala), to share primal wisdom knowledge and to act for the healing of our Mother Earth.
For the realization of these goals our foundation works particularly through social, artistic, ecological and spiritual projects.

The latest heart project MUNAY SUYU – Land of love is based on the old stories of The Inca and Chinchaysuyu culture (Ecuador). Accordingly it has once been their vision to add to the Inca empire TawaIntiSuyu, the empire of the four Suyus of light (regions of light), a fifth Suyu. They called this the MUNAY SUYU, the land of love.

At three individual places and as a holy trilogy they wanted to create MUNAY SUYU: on the coast, in the Andes and in the Amazon region – to unfold its special blossom in the supplement of the different natural regions. MUNAY SUYU should be a place at which the principles of love for Mother Earth and all life could be taught and respected.




Inspired from this vision, we began in 2012 to engage ourselves in the realization of MUNAY SUYU. Since then we could find on the coast of Ecuador as well as in the Andes and in the Amazon region three ancient places and acquire them, which form now together the fundament. In the last years, huts, temples, streets and schools of ancient wisdom could be built. Now, Munay Suyu is open for the world.



MUNAY SUYU wants to be a place of the meeting for all cultures, all religious directions. A place that gives people from all over the world the possibility to get to know the old traditions and the wisdom knowledge of the Incas. But also invites all those who long for renewal, contemplation and a homecoming into nature. … or simply wish to become guardians of our planet.

At the School of Ancient Wisdom Naupany will teach from the Cosmovisión of the Incas. He will provide insights into the sacred Wisdom held about the Sun and Nature and lead us into a unique communication with the elements.

„The School of Ancient Wisdom is like a big temple of nature into which we can enter any time to experience Father Sun, Mother Earth, nature, the elements and ourselves closely. This connection gives us new strength, new inspiration and new recognition. It is the foundation for our balance and every desired change in our personal as well as global life“ – Naupany


We are very happy to announce that starting with this fall 2015 we’ll be able to invite you to be our guests for the Event weeks at the School of Ancient Wisdom!
MUNAY SUYU – School of Ancient Wisdom
Event weeks with Naupany Puma in Ecuador

01. Sept. - 31. Okt. 2015
01. Dez. -  31. Jan. 2016


For detailed information please contact Susanne Schöllhammer:


Financial Support

We say THANK YOU to everybody who wants to contribute to the development and preservation of MUNAY SUYU with a donation!

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"The PACHAKÚTEC, the Return of the Era of Light has begun, which gives us the great opportunity to revive our sacred connection with Pachamama, Intitayta and ourselves. It is time now to awake into our inner Sun. Jallalla!”

"We are the New PACHAKÚTEC of the Light – WE are the NEW SUN"