MUNAY SUYU-Land of Love

MUNAY SUYU-Land of Love

Approximately 600 years ago, after the creation of the TawaIntiSuyu "Four regions of Light", the Incas predicted that a Fifth Region "Munay Suyu" would be created, and that this region would be related to the "Energy of Love", complementing the four previous Suyus (regions) related to the Energy of the Air, Earth, Fire and Water. This vision would be a way for human beings to achieve balance and to return to the arms of Mother Earth.

Today, this vision based on the legend of the Inca Solar Culture of the Chinchasuyu region (Ecuador), is a reality. This fifth region is composed of a sacred trilogy of energetic lands, different and magically connected to each other, located in the Coast, the Andes and the Amazon, which are enriched by the diversity of the climate, ecology, and culture.



MUNAY SUYU, School-Temple of Ancient Wisdom

In these Munay Suyu energy centers, Ñaupany has created, Schools-Temples of Wisdom, where people can come on pilgrimage, learn and discover the essence of their being by deeply practicing the Cosmovision of the Inca Culture and the relationship and communication with our Father Sun, Mother Earth and with the Five Elements of life.

In addition, these Schools-Temples, give the possibility to those who wish to increase their spiritual growth, their gifts, and life projects, to achieve a healthy body a balanced mind, and a peaceful spirit through practical Andean ancient knowledge.  

Children are also an important part of these Schools-Temples. In these energy centers, they receive special knowledge through experiences and guidance.

In the same way, Shamans or Traditional Doctors of different countries, visit these ancestral lands, to share their traditions, medicine, and wisdom.

Munay Suyu also supports Cultural, Ecological and Spiritual project has been created and sustained by Ñaupany Puma, Inca Solar Priest of Ecuador. Three of his goals are to support the growth of consciousness of human beings, to share the heritage of Ancestral Cultures and to be part of the preservation and regeneration of Mother Nature.

The three Munay Suyu Lands have been created with deep love and hard work, guided by ancestral wisdom. You will find sacred Temples, rustic cabins, sacred roads, hiking trails, sown fields and natural energy spaces, where the sacred fire burns and with its Light, welcomes people from all over the World.

Munay Suyu of the Coast Region

On the beautiful bank of the Ecuadorian Sea, the land of the Munay Suyu of the Coast emerges, which is surrounded by a nature reserve, where the fauna and flora are still native. It offers visitors a once in a lifetime experience of connection with the spirit of our Mother Sea, who can help us to transcend negative emotions to Positive Feelings.

Munay Suyu of the Andes

At the top of the Andean Mountains, near the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars, the Munay Suyu of the Andes expands. This land with pure air, crystalline water sources, enchanted lagoons and Inca temples, creates a charming mystic place where we can connect with the great Wisdom of Heaven and our ancestors, liberating us from negative thoughts.


Munay Suyu of the Amazon

In the heart and lungs of the world, with the great diversity of life, you’ll find the Munay Suyu of the Amazon.  This magical place, surrounded by virgin jungle, confluences of rivers, waterfalls, caves and rocks, offers an intense experience that will light up the creative Energy of Love.


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"The Pilgrimage to Munay Suyu, it’s a calling to enlighten the heart, to balance our three worlds, to turn our being into a proper Munay Suyu and to shine together with Mother Earth, like a new Sun"