Child Project

For more than 15 years Ñaupany Puma has provided mobile aid to indigenous children in South America.

"Many of my indigenous brothers and sisters still only have few chances for a fair development. Unfortunately, I was only able to place small band-aids on great wounds. A greater effort is needed to change the situation in a sustainable way" - Ñaupany

The aim of this project is to give long-term support for underprivileged children in need in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico by supporting educational initiatives and care facilities. We want to reconnect the young generation to the ancient South-American wisdom knowledge surrounding nature and healing, as well as heal the connection to their own roots, their lost identity.

It is time for a new self-consciousness and new professional perspectives in the context of one’s own authentic wisdom knowledge. The focus is on integration rather than discrimination. Education instead of poverty and hopelessness.

"The primal natives have always been the keepers of nature knowledge. My great wish is for this knowledge to survive in our children and to apply it with the help of science and research in a meaningful way to achieve sustainable changes for the planet. The path towards global change follows the holy connection between man and nature" - Ñaupany

Here the Schools that our Project is supporting with your help:

We will continue to use your donations for the support small schools in Ecuador, Peru and Mexico that are trying to preserve old knowledge and traditions of the native cultures.

Escuela particular Los Algarobos

Unidad Educativa Transito AMAGUÑA (Quito/Ecuador)

Centro educativo Huayllay (Distrito de Corca, Cusco - Perú)

Centro ibfabtil Huaccoto (Distrito de San Jerónimo, Cusco - Perú)

Academia de la lengua y cultura Maya Ka aput Kuxtal" (Valladolid, Yucatán - México)

From 2007 to 2011 we also supported the SAMAY Community School" and from 2011 to 2013 Centro infantil Rayito de Luz in the province of Pichincha/Ecuador. Unfortunately our efforts were not enough to keep the school alive.

The Child Project has also provided support to the Qero tribe in the province of Cusco-Peru as well as to the tribe of Aymara Lupaka in the province Puno-Peru, community Maya in the proximity Valladolid-México, community Mariposa Archidona-Ecuador and community Tsáchilas Sto. Domingo-Ecuador. Due to poverty and many factors of modern living, these tribes are facing the permanent loss of their community and their traditional way of life.



We are very grateful for any supporting contribution – whether it be a one-time payment or a regular standing order.
We testify that your donation will be exclusively used for the project Munay Suyu und help children.

Our donation account (Ecuador):

Naupany Puma
Banco del Pichincha

Cuenta número:  5442009100
Dirección: Amazonas y Pereira Quito

The Team and “our” children say THANK YOU, MUCHAS GRACIAS, PACHAYNI...!!!